Vryssaki is the name of the very successful, multilayered interdisciplinary venue hosted by Sinthesis. In the heart of the old city, Plaka, its aim is to promote art and coordinate action. We provide a vibrant and familiar space for all artists and active citizens to meet and perform, allowing for all expression, action, contribution, and intervention in everyday life.

MISSION: Promoting ART, directing ACTION

Our mission is to create a multidimensional, multidisciplinary arts space, a vital core of Art and Action, as a mean of pleasure and intervention in everyday life.

Vryssaki- familiar, open in diversity and with a wide-open horizon in future – offers a professionally organized production mechanism, cultural interchanges and joint social action, based on contemporary business standards with the partnership of the private sector.


We are looking for quality in everyday life. We believe in the power of Art and individual initiative and we choose Action, participation and collectivity for the achievement of the result and the creation of sense. We embrace diversity and we mix up harmoniously the old with the new.


Having as central axes the Art and Social action, Vryssaki structures its program around the four sectors below:

1. Events

Organization and hospitality of artistic events, such as theatrical and dance performances, exhibitions of painting and photography, music events, film shows, installations, performances, conferences, presentations, social gatherings (parties).

2. Peaceful activism

Vryssaki pursues the involvement of more and more active citizens and especially those who are active through the structure and the aims of Non-governmental Organizations, believing strongly that Art is the privileged field of political debate but also of peaceful activism. We organize and foster for artistic (and non-artistic) actions of N.G.O.’s, aiming at the active intervention in the city and in our everyday life.

3. Education

The third sector of action highlights the educational dimension of the venue, helping the cultivation and the promotion of education’s artistic and social values. In this context, Vryssaki hosts theatrical performances for children, educational workshops, book presentations, conferences, lectures and seminars related to theatre, Arts and the action of Non-governmental organizations.

4. Joint action – Synergies

The forth sector of action aims at the promotion and the support of collaborative artistic and social events through networking with cultural bodies, cultural centers and artistic festivals, considering art to be by the main way to confirm social cohesion. More specifically, we pursue the collaboration with artistic and educational organizations for the cooperative production and presentation of artistic events.